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Touring Sound Made Perfect. A Comprehensive Guide to Equipment and Connectivity Solutions on the road.

In the fast-paced world of live performances, delivering exceptional sound quality on tour is paramount. As artists, musicians, and production crews traverse different venues and settings, they face unique challenges that demand versatile equipment and reliable connectivity solutions. At Safa Technologies LLC, based in Dubai, we understand the importance of seamless sound reinforcement on the […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Audio Cables in Dubai

Hey there! Are you someone who loves music? Maybe you’re a budding musician, a sound engineer, or just a music enthusiast who wants to make sure your tunes sound the best they can. Well, you’re in luck because today, we’re diving into the world of audio cables – those little guys that connect your instruments, […]

Multicore speaker cable SC-ELEPHANT ROBUST SPM2440 for large-size line arrays

Specially for the tough everyday stage life … we have considerably reinforced the jacket stability of the 4.0 mm² SC ELEPHANT series. For when the crowd is going mad and the speakers are turned up full throttle, we do not only face heating minds, but also heating cables. Accordingly maximum performance in required from the cable […]

CAT. 8.1 installation solutions…

At high speed through the networks…data transmission runs over the new CAT.8.1 network cable from Sommer cable. It supports a maximum transmission frequency of 2000 MHz – doubled compared to its CAT.7 predecessors – as well as a data rate of up to 40 Gbit/s and is suitable for setting up high-speed Ethernet networks in building infrastructure, especially for […]

SC-MERCATOR CAT.6 PUR SUPERFLEX – flexible and robust

Takes off like a rocket… With our SC-MERCATOR CAT.6 PUR you get a high-performance cable for the mobile outdoor transmission of digital audio and network signals. “The CAT.6 PUR SUPERFLEX is particularly recommended for situations where a reliable temperature resistance, a safe data transfer and at the same time a high flexibility are much in demand“, explains […]

The expert for the simultanoeus video, data and sound transmission over long distances: our TRANSIT MC 1101 UHD-SDI hybrid cable

The medial triathlon … can be practiced with our top-runners in the disciplines of video, data and sound – combined in a single cable, the TRANSIT MC 1101. That way you are optimally prepared for the competition in the long-distance transmission of UHD-SDI signals incl. audio and high-speed network (CAT.7 AWG23) or control signals respectively. And to help you get safely over the outdoor target line, the performance […]

SC-SEMICOLON 4 AES/EBU patch and microphone cable with ARAMID reinforcement

When everything’s hanging by a thread … it will certainly make the sound / stage engineer pretty nervous. Especially if the cable is to be used as the only support for a microphone, and no other safeguard is possible. To spare the tech from sleepless nights, we developed a compact and durable version of an AES/EBU […]