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When everything’s hanging by a thread …

it will certainly make the sound / stage engineer pretty nervous. Especially if the cable is to be used as the only support for a microphone, and no other safeguard is possible. To spare the tech from sleepless nights, we developed a compact and durable version of an AES/EBU and DMX capable microphone cable with an added mesh of ARAMID fibers worked into the outer jacket. See article 520-0151.
The ARAMID serves as an extra strain relief, greatly jacks up the bending cycles and turns this rather compact and inconspicuous microphone cable into a reliable workhorse that can take quite a lot in practical use. This design is particularly popular in broadcast and theater engineering, in connection with belt pull cable drums in OB vans or on theater stages. It’s also suitable for connecting effects devices and control units where a return signal is required.

For editors, here is the corresponding press release including Word document and image data for web and print.