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Why hasn’t somebody thought of this before …

One might ask when taking a closer look at the construction of the SC-AQUA MARINEX ASTRAL LLX 1.13/5.0.

Who talks to electricians will often be pointed to the following problem: conventional satellite cables are actually only restrictedly suitable for outdoor applications although they are used in 95% of all home connections and cause transmission problems there time and again. These common white cables with a PVC jacket are mostly not UV-resistant, they are not transversely watertight and at the connectors the moisture creeps into the cable interior, they are not really unobtrusive and they offer no protection against rodents or caustic bird droppings.

Due to global warming rodent stocks keep going up worldwide and these basically cute little animals cause more and more discontent and damages in the field of electrical installations in buildings. The SC-AQUA MARINEX ASTRAL LLX 1.13/5.0 has been designed to make it as hard as possible for the attackers to damage the cable.

For this purpose Sommer cable uses a hard and tough AQUA MARINEX PUR jacket without the typical plasticizer which otherwise literally attracts rodents. The smooth surface of the outer jacket makes it difficult for the animals to put on their teeth. Moreover, the cable is reinforced by an almost impenetrable aramid braid which can also be used as an additional strain relief.

The outer jacket is ideal for permanent outdoor installations and offers lifelong UV resistance.

Apart from the weather-resistant and rodent-proof construction, the cable excels by consistently superb damping values and an optimum HDTV transmission quality due to its high-class shielding. The additionally integrated protective banding enables a permanent underwater installation; thus the cable is not only suitable for outdoor applications or in tunnel or surveillance engineering, but also for installations e.g. in the shipbuilding industry (here the fire prevention regulations must be observed).

For connector assembly Sommer cable recommends their HICON HI-FM08 F-antenna connector, the FM-5.8 or BNC connectors in the 1.3/5.7 version.