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The medial triathlon …

can be practiced with our top-runners in the disciplines of video, data and sound – combined in a single cable, the TRANSIT MC 1101. That way you are optimally prepared for the competition in the long-distance transmission of UHD-SDI signals incl. audio and high-speed network (CAT.7 AWG23) or control signals respectively. And to help you get safely over the outdoor target line, the performance package was also given a notch-proof, weather resistant, drummable PUR jacket with an overall diameter of 19.6 mm (0.77 in.) as well as an excellent shielding which guarantees super low attenuation values and thus provides for a failure-free long-distance transmission. The TRANSIT MC 1101 is ideally suitable for OB van applications at sports meetings and large events and for connecting UHD monitors, control desks and broadcast cameras – both indoor and outdoor.

For editors, here is the corresponding press release including Word document and image data for web and print.