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The eye of an eagle …

has a resolution about 3 to 4 times higher than that of the human eye.
Thus the 12G UHD-SDI transmission standard enables such high visual resolutions that the human eye cannot distinguish them any more from the original aspect.

The SC-Vector Plus 1.3/5.7 excels by its compact diameter of 8 mm (0.31 in.) in a robust, cold flexible PVC jacket and its optimized shielding design of two sturdy AL/PTE foils plus a tight, tin-plated copper braid. This results in extremely low damping values and prevents from interference on the electrical values, which has been known so far only from much thicker cables. For the conductor it uses a silver-plated solid wire with ultra-low tolerances, embedded in a gas-foamed (skin/gas/skin) insulation which is smoothed both inside and out.

These high-class parameters ensure a perfect and error-free transmission of the SDI (520 m / 1,706 ft.), 6G-SDI- (136 m / 446 ft.) and 12G-UHD-SDI- (94 m / 308 ft.) standards.

For assembly we recommend the matching BNC1.3/5.7-6G crimp connector as well as the corresponding KS-1357 kink protection. Likewise, a ready-made version is available (order example 1m: VZ6G-0100-SW-SW), by request also on a drum.

The SC-Vector Plus 1.3/5.7 (art. 600-0131) is the perfect broadband, antenna and video cable for wiring applications in the field of radio, broadcast and surveillance technology, in stadium construction and at sports events.

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